Our Approach

After spending 23 years in the field of design with leading corporates - Garments / Home Textiles / Interiors, Vandita, decided to start off on her own to provide a seamless home solution to the clients next line.

Vandita at Lesconcepteurs creates casual yet sophisticated rooms using refined textiles and linens, original colors schemes and custom-designed furnishings, all with a discerning eye.

We are able to work on an array of projects with varying design aesthetics. Vandita is a centrist between modern and traditional design and is able to successfully link the two, creating a layered and intriguing environment.
Designing residential interiors is a form of art. A house should be the reflection of the owner. We at Lesconcepteurs specialise in decoding the style of the owner and interpret it to the feasible form keeping in sync with the clients budget. We provide end-to-end services, recommends the right kind of furniture, fabric, and colors that would suit the client's personality the best. Balancing aesthetics and the utilitarian aspects of is a constant challenge and we specialise in it